Senior Python Backend Engineer

Eyob Tariku

I am a full-stack web application developer & DevOps Engineer. I build modern single-page applications (SPA) using Angular 2+, and RESTful API services using Django and deploy them on a Cloud provider of your choosing.

What I Do

Web Application

I deliver modern web applications such as e-commerce sites, single-page web applications (SPA) & SaaS applications using Angular & TypeScript. The applications are guaranteed to be beautiful, user-friendly, and follow the latest best practices.

Cloud Computing

I deploy web applications and API services to a cloud infrastructure such as Digital Ocean, GCP, AWS, or Heroku. By using sensible configurations, I ensure your deployed applications are stable, accessible & easily scalable.

Web APIs

I build clean & well-structured RESTful APIs using Python Django & Flask. My APIs are properly documented in accordance to the OpenAPI 2.0 specification and implement automated tests with a test coverage of at least 80%.


To facilitate Agile software development, I setup a CI/CD pipeline using automation & continuous integration tools to reduce the time spent between development & production. These tools include GitLab, Ansible, Docker Travis CI, and Circle CI.


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